I'm Bernardo Tavares

  • A Brazilian copywriter with European citizenship.

  • 34 years old, 14 years working with ideas.

  • During this quarantine I created the project #MyLinkIsYourLInk so creatives who have a job can donate their book views to the ones who are unemployed.  

  • I'm a creative with a strong strategic background. I love to create ideas people would talk about. This is a skill I mastered during the 4 years I spent working in the largest guerrilla marketing agency in Brazil, and during the past 2 years working for Burger King at David.

  • I always try to use the power of communication to get people to rethink their views and opinions about subjects that are important today, but when this isn't possible I try to come up with ideas that can make people laugh, share with their friends or talk about in a bar. 

  • Some of the examples of this mindset you can see in the ideas I've created.

in memoriam

most recent agencies
Havas Lisbon (currently)
David Sao Paulo
Tech and Soul (Sao Paulo) - freelancer

JWT Sao Paulo - freelancer
NOSSA™ (Portugal) - freelancer
Havas Lisbon - freelancer
Y&R Brazil 
FCB Brazil
Espalhe - Guerrilla Marketing (Sao Paulo)
. GOLD - Radio 
. Shortlist - Grand Prix for Good
. Shortlist - Product Design

. Shortlist - Brand Experience & Activation
. Shortlist - Brand Experience & Activation
. Shortlist - Brand Experience & Activation

. Shortlist - Direct
. Shortlist - Direct
. Shortlist - PR

. Shortlist - Social & Influencer
. Shortlist - Print & Publishing
(Shortlisted with 5 different ideas)

. MERIT - Radio (Broadcast) 
. MERIT - Radio (Craft Writing) 
. Shortlist - Direct (Digital & Online - E-commerce)
. Shortlist - Direct (Innovation in Lockdown)
. Shortlist - Sustainable Development Goals (Gender Equality)

. BRONZE - Social Good
. Shortlist - Creative Use of Data

. Shortlist - Sustainability
. Shortlist

. In Book - Digital
. In Book - Digital
. In Book - Direct and Activation

. In Book - Direct and Activation
. In Book - Direct and Activation

. SILVER - Social Change

. 7x Finalist in 2021 (waiting for the results)

. Silver 

The Side Show  
. Shortlist - Social Good

WPPed Cream Awards  
. Winner - Radio
. 2020 El Ojo de Iberoamérica jury member
. Featured in the AdAge Top 21 most popular stories of 2019 (12th position)
. AdAge Pick of the Day - 6 times
. AdWeek Editor's Pick - 2 times
. Sagmeister highlighted "My link is your link" as a fabulous idea.
. 1 of the "10 projects that made the industry better in 2020", according to AdWeek.
. 1 of the "5 amazing projects created by young talents in 2020", according to AdWeek.
. Readymag's Project of The Year
. Contagious' Campaign of the Week - Lockdown Whopper
. Site of the day honor.
. The most talked about campaign in Brazil during Halloween in 2019
. The most talked about campaign in Brazil on World Water Day in 2017
. The most engaged content of all time in Burger King Brazil (800% higher than the 2nd)
. 4 times best ad "Best Ads on TV" - Web Film, Print (2x) and Outdoor.
. The first spot on Brazilian broadcast TV to feature audio description for blind people
. For the first time ever, ball boys and girls were replaced by wheelchair ball boys and girls in an official sports match.
. Most tweeted campaign of 2014 Fifa World Cup
judging experience

2020 El Ojo de Iberoamerica (direct)
2021 Ad Forum PHNX (transforming lives; transforming industry)
2021 Ad Stars (Social & Influencer)

brands I've been working with

Brahma, Burger King, Club Social, Coca-Cola, Faber-Castell, Guaraná Antarctica, Halls,  Itaipava, Lacta, LG, NOS, Patagonia, Pizza Hut, Tang, TNT Energy Drink, Trident.