I'm Bernardo Tavares

  • A Brazilian copywriter with European citizenship.

  • 34 years old, 14 years working with ideas.

  • 2020 El Ojo de Iberoamérica jury member

  • During this quarantine I created the project #MyLinkIsYourLInk so creatives who have a job can donate their book views to the ones who are unemployed.  

  • I'm a creative with a strong strategic background. I love to create ideas people would talk about. This is a skill I mastered during the 4 years I spent working in the largest guerrilla marketing agency in Brazil, and during the past 2 years working for Burger King at David.

  • I always try to use the power of communication to get people to rethink their views and opinions about subjects that are important today.

  • And because I'm not Robin Hood, I still need to create ideas that help brands increase their sales.  I believe the best way to do so is by creating ideas that can make people laugh, share with their friends or talk about in a bar. 

  • Some of the examples of this mindset you can see in the ideas I've created.

most recent agencies
Havas Lisbon (currently)
David São Paulo
JWT São Paulo - freelancer
NOSSA™ (Portugal) - freelancer
Havas Worldwide Lisbon - freelancer
Y&R Brasil 
FCB Brasil
Espalhe - Guerrilla Marketing

in memoriam

. GOLD - Radio 
. Shortlist - Grand Prix for Good
. Shortlist - Product Design
. Shortlist - Brand Experience & Activation
. Shortlist - Brand Experience & Activation
. Shortlist - Direct
. Shortlist - Direct
. Shortlist - PR
. Shortlist - Social & Influencer
. MERIT - Radio (Broadcast) 
. MERIT - Radio (Craft Writing) 
. Shortlist - Direct (Digital & Online - E-commerce)
. Shortlist - Direct (Innovation in Lockdown)
. Shortlist - Sustainable Development Goals (Gender Equality)
. BRONZE - Social Good

. Shortlist - Creative Use of Data
. Shortlist - Sustainability

. Shortlist

. In Book - Digital
. In Book - Digital
. In Book - Direct and Activation
. In Book - Direct and Activation
. In Book - Direct and Activation

. SILVER - Social Change
. Silver 

The Side Show  
. Shortlist - Social Good
WPPed Cream Awards  
. Winner - Radio
. 2020 El Ojo de Iberoamérica jury member
. Featured in the AdAge Top 21 most popular stories of 2019 (12th position)
. AdAge Pick of the Day - 6 times
. AdWeek Editor's Pick - 2 times
. Sagmeister highlighted "My link is your link" as a fabulous idea.
. 1 of the "10 projects that made the industry better in 2020", according to AdWeek.
. 1 of the "5 amazing projects created by young talents in 2020", according to AdWeek.
. Readymag's Project of The Year
. Contagious' Campaign of the Week - Lockdown Whopper
. Site of the day honor.
. The most talked about campaign in Brazil during Halloween in 2019
. The most talked about campaign in Brazil on World Water Day in 2017
. The most engaged content of all time in Burger King Brazil (800% higher than the 2nd)
. 4 times best ad "Best Ads on TV" - Web Film, Print (2x) and Outdoor.
. The first spot on Brazilian broadcast TV to feature audio description for blind people
. For the first time ever, ball boys and girls were replaced by wheelchair ball boys and girls in an official sports match.
. Most tweeted campaign of 2014 Fifa World Cup
brands I've been working with

Brahma, Burger King, Club Social, Coca-Cola, Faber-Castell, Guaraná Antarctica, Halls,  Itaipava, Lacta, LG, NOS, Pizza Hut, Tang, TNT Energy Drink, Trident.