Some projects I created outside agencies with a couple of good creatives

My Link is Your Link: a code that donates the views of your portfolio to creatives who are currently unemployed.

40 DAYS 40 PROJECTS: An initiative to keep ourselves creatives and inspired during the quarantine. The goal was to raise the debate regarding human relations and its impacts on the social isolation period. Working with 6 other creatives, we created and produced together, 40 ideas in 40 days, during the COVID19 quarantine.

Check out some of the ideas:

. One day to take parents to work, remotely.

. The experiment of making a virtual quarantine on The Sims.

. How would Waze be in times of quarantine?

. An Instagram profile to counting sheep and help who is dealing with insomnia.

. Social distancing sensor, a prototype to help you keeping distance on the street.​  |  Tel: +55 11 96473 2333